E-Med has entered to the market with its most productive period with a mission of developing new and innovative products having the potential to impact major healthcare challenges in Bahrain and meddle east.

E-Med is a global medical distributor company that is focused on improving the quality of medical equipments and healthcare. E-Med develops and sells medical supplies, devices, laboratory instruments, antibodies, reagents and diagnostic products through its main office in Bahrain and its agencies within gulf. It serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and the general public.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between new scientific discoveries and health care services in the GCC.

Our subsidiary company: Bahrain Physical Therapy Center

Cryobanks stem cell banking


Cryobanks International is a pioneer company in the field of Stem cell banking. Cryobanks currently have facilities in USA, India, Bangkok, Singapore and Greece. Along with preserving stem cells, we also give financial assistance to people during the treatment by insuring the treatment cost up to $ 25000.

At Cryobanks, clients can store both HSC and MSC stem cells, and can retrieve worldwide free of cost. Cryobanks uses Sepax technology for processing of blood samples to ensure the max viability of cells and reverse processing if required on a later stage. Reviva is dedicated to research and expansion of MSC cells which can be used for tissue regeneration.

A brief write up is below about the concept

Stem cells are the building blocks of our body, which has the capacity to repair, replace and regenerate the damaged cells in a human body. Even though there are different sources, umbilical cord as a source is proven more efficient, with more than 30,000 transplants across the world. Today we have around 68 diseases where stem cells can be used as treatment. Storing umbilical cord blood stem cells and cord tissue stem cells will be useful for the baby, siblings, and parents &family. Stem cells collecting from umbilical cord are immunologically immature cells and hence can use for the treatment of other family members too.

Cord blood comes from a new born’s umbilical cord and is collected immediately after delivery. Once the umbilical cord has been cut and clamped, the remaining blood in the umbilical cord is drawn into a collection bag. Doctors are using cord blood to save lives today and researching cord blood as potential treatment for diseases that currently have no cure. Hematopoietic stem cells(HSC) are those stem cell present in umbilical cord blood — used to treat haematological malignancies & Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)are present in the inner lining of umbilical cord, ie. Endothelium – which can be used for Tissue regeneration.